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Panel Discussion on safety aspects of cobots and mobile robots at FutureLabsLive Basel
Panel: Bringing cobots and mobile robots into our labs - are we safe? FutureLabsLive Basel 02.06.2023, 10:30 am

Introducing MOLAR - Mobile Laboratory Robot
celisca is happy to welcome new employees. Our Mobile Laboratory Robots - MOLAR - take over the transport of samples and labware in highly distributed laboratories in complex workflows.

celisca at SLAS Europe in Brussels
Liquid handling is an essential part of a wide variety of laboratory processes. Currently, there is an increasing demand for applications, e.g. in diagnostics, quality control or materials research. As part of the lecture 'Where is more than NGS - New Applications using Liquid Handling Platform', the Center for Life Science Automation (Rostock) will present current and future questions and applications in the field of liquid handling.

celisca bei der Wiley Analytical Science Conference 2023
For the 6th time, the WAS Virtual Conference assembles researchers and industry professionals to discuss the most recent advancements in science and industry.

celisca auf der 3D Cell Culture 2023: Models, Applications & Translation
The automation of life science processes is currently a rapidly growing area. An essential prerequisite for the automation of laboratories in small and medium-sized companies as well as research institutions is the detailed analysis of the requirements and restrictions as well as the creation of suitable automation concepts. If you want to learn more, attend Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kerstin Thurow´s lecture on "Recent advances in automating life sciences" on Wednesday, 19 April 2023, in Freiburg.

What are the trends in Laboratory Automation and Liquid Handling? Where will the journey in Life Science lead? What new and groundbreaking technologies will come to life in LabTech in the future? In a 2-day workshop leading innovators from academia and industry will discuss questions about the future of laboratory automation.

Ein Tag im Zeichen der Pipette
(Laborpraxis) Wie sieht meine Pipette von innen aus? Kann ich sie selbst reinigen? Wann lohnt sich der Wechsel aufs vollautomatisierte Liquid Handling System? Und welche Tricks verbessern die Ergebnisse beim Liquid Handling? Diese und weitere Fragen haben Experten beim Forum Liquid Handling beantwortet. Das Online-Seminar von Klinkner & Partner bot eine Plattform zum Austausch rund um das Thema Pipettieren und Transfer von flüssigen Proben. Wir fassen zusammen

Forum Liquid Handling 28.02.2023
Kerstin Thurow's Blog 2021- ..... · 28. Februar 2023
Dem Handling von Flüssigkeiten kommt in Laborprozessen eine große Bedeutung zu. Im Rahmen des Forums LIQUID HANDLING (Klinker & Partner) teilt celisca seine Erfahrungen im Bereich der Automatisierung von Liquid Handling Prozessen und stellt einzelne Anwendungen aus dem Bereich der Bioanalytik vor.

New Series on Laboratory Automation started at
Kerstin Thurow's Blog 2021- ..... · 21. Februar 2023
Laboratory Automation deals with the automation of processes in laboratories in chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy and food technology. Increasingly, there is also an expansion into laboratories from other sectors. Different devices and systems are required for the full automation of laboratory processes. A series of articles started on February 21st, 2023 on Wiley Analytical Sciences, which will be devoted to various current topics of automation in the laboratory in a loose sequence.

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