Accelerating Discovery in Natural Science Laboratories with AI and Robotics
celisca will be included in a full-day Workshop on Accelerating Discovery in Natural Science Laboratories with AI and Robotics at the ICRA 2024 in Yokohama, Japan. Large-scale, high-throughput experiments and big data are becoming fundamental for scientific discoveries. New discoveries are time-consuming and costly; hence, laboratory automation based on robotics and AI aim to shorten and reduce these factors.

Yaskawa treibt Robotik für Laborautomation mit Universität Rostock voran
Mit dem CELISCA (Center for Life Science Automation) der Universität Rostock hat YASKAWA Europe eine Fortführung der Kooperation vereinbart, um gemeinsam #Roboter-Lösungen fürs Labor zu entwickeln. Als einer der ersten europäischen Anwender überhaupt wird CELISCA (Center for Life Science Automation) ein Robotermodell der neuen Hygienic-Design-Serie einsetzen: den Motoman HD8.

Best Paper Award
Our review paper "Deep Learning for Visual SLAM in Transportation Robotics: A review” been selected as the winner of Best Paper Award 2019. The Best Paper Award recognizes an outstanding survey, review, or tutorial paper that has been published in Transportation Safety and Environment within the years of 2019-2022, and is of broad significance and potential long-term impact.

Interface Robots in Automated Analysis
Combining interface robots and mobile robots can achieve full automation in distributed laboratories with changing applications and requirements. Metal content examination of samples is now fully automated with ICP/MS using mobile robots and interface robots.  Lecture 21.02.2024
Kerstin Thurow's Blog 2021- ..... · 21. Februar 2024
On Wednesday Feb. 21 16h CET Kerstin will talk about "Automation Strategies or how to find the right Concept for your Automation Project?" presenting different automation concepts in exemplarily applications. Everyone is welcome to join in our smartlab lecture room

Automated Crystallization System for Material Sciences
For crystallization studies in material development, an automated system was developed that handles the dissolution of the samples, the crystallization, the grinding of the crystallized samples and the transfer of the final samples to the sample carriers for the PXRD measurements. The crystallization process is monitored and tracked using a camera-based approach.

Happy New Year!
Kerstin Thurow's Blog 2021- ..... · 31. Dezember 2023
Im Namen des celisca Teams danke ich allen Partnern und Unterstützern für die gute Zusammenarbeit im Jahr 2023! Ich wünsche uns allen ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2024 mit vielen neuen wissenschaftlich-technischen Herausforderungen.

Synergy Meeting ERC Project ADAM
Kerstin Thurow's Blog 2021- ..... · 02. Dezember 2023
On December 5th and 6th, scientists from the universities of Liverpool, Southampton and Rostock (celisca) will meet for a two-day synergy meeting. The discussions will focus on questions about the automation of crystallization processes in materials research and the use of mobile robots in the automation of chemical laboratories.

celisca at ICCAIS'23
Kerstin Thurow's Blog 2021- ..... · 26. November 2023
The 12th International Conference on Control, Automation and Information Sciences (ICCAIS 2023) will be held from November 27th to 29th, 2023 in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Dr. Vinh Quang Do from the Can Tho University of Technology (Vietnam) presented the results of his work as a visiting scientist earlier this year.

celisca at PharmaCon 2023
Kerstin Thurow's Blog 2021- ..... · 20. November 2023
Im Rahmen der Keynote-Lecture "Future Lab - Das Labor der Zukunft" wird Prof. Dr. Kerstin Thurow Anforderungen und Herausforderungen in der Automation von Laboren, die Vor- und Nachteile zentraler und dezentraler Automationssysteme sowie die Frage mobiler Roboter im Labor thematisieren.

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