Panel Discussion on safety aspects of cobots and mobile robots at FutureLabsLive Basel

Panel Discussion

Bringing cobots and mobile robots into our labs - are we safe?

What are safety concerns for robots and mobile robots?

What special working areas and processes are required to introduce these robots?

Mobile robots are more dangerous when alone at night, how can we mitigate these risks?

What infrastructure is needed to bring mobile robots into the lab?

Should we worry about job security when introducing robots?



Thorsten Teutenberg, Head of Department, Iuta (Moderator)

Tobias Brode, Head of Business Unit Health Industries, Fraunhofer IPA

Kerstin Thurow, Professor of Automation, celisca, University Rostock

Ellen Piercy, Automation Lead Engineer, Unilever

Oliver Peter, Senior Group Leader Biology Technologies & Lead Discovery, Idorsia