What are the trends in Laboratory Automation and Liquid Handling?

Where will the journey in Life Science lead?

What new groundbreaking technologies will come to life in LabTech in the future?

We are all trying to find answers to these questions every day. We would like to connect more closely with you to share and develop the best possible answers.

The future is now, and we can shape it!

The goal is to share the needs and challenges of integrators, field-service, assay developers and end-users to find the best solutions for the market of liquid handling automation. We would like to invite you a an industry expert to join and establish a future thinking community.


celisca will be part of this 2day-workshop and deliver a keynote on "Laboratory Automation - Concepts, Perspektives, Challenges".

Possible topics for a discussion might be:

- What will be the next trends in robotics?

- What challenges will there be in liquid handling automation?

- Which applications will be the future drivers in laboratory automation?

- How much AI do we need in laboratory automation?

- Mass products vs customized solutions - What is the right way?