Worum geht's ... in der Automatisierungstechnik?

Can automation technology be described in 10 lines? Not really. Nevertheless, Christine Prussky and Prof. Kerstin Thurow tried this and in an interview exchanged views on the fact that automation technology is much more than just computer science, that robots play a major role today and whether increasing automation and robotization are destroying our jobs.


Die Zeit N° 26, 23.06.2022


This says the professor:

I think robots are great, they make life easier and safer. They work for us 24 hours a day and are never in a bad mood. They relieve us of monotonous jobs and those that are dangerous for us due to toxins. It is often said that automation destroys jobs - I see it differently. Robots are changing the world of work and strengthening Germany's competitiveness. They alleviate the shortage of skilled workers that is slowing down the economy. I'm sure: only with automation can we, as a high-wage country, keep up in global price competition and maintain our strength in exports.

Kerstin Thurow is professor for automation technology at the University of Rostock


This says the student:

As a child, I often went to his workshop with my grandfather. Later I screwed together an old moped with my father. Through our student company, I found my interest in the business side. This is how I came to my course of study, in which automation technology gave me a new approach to technology. I was able to develop an automatic watering system for my mother's herb bed. Two sensors measure the soil moisture and trigger the automatic watering system when it is dry - it works, the chard and the herbs grow perfectly.


Kai Behrendt is in his sixth bachelor's semester studying industrial engineering at the University of Rostock


Good to know:

Studies: As a hybrid subject, automation technology combines several areas such as electrical engineering, computer science and mechanical engineering. Anyone who enrolls in mechanical engineering will certainly encounter electrical engineering or robotics. You can also study automation technology directly – in different bachelor’s and master’s programs. Either way, math and physics are very important.


Job and salary: With increasing automation, knowledge is required in many industries. The automotive industry, energy and building technology, pharmaceutical companies and vaccine developers as well as medical technology companies offer jobs. A monthly gross salary of at least 4800 euros can be expected when starting a career.