Heidi Fleischer appointed as Professor in Process Automation

In the regular meeting of the Academic Senate of the University Rostock on February 3rd, 2021 PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Heidi Fleischer was appointed as Professor in Process Automation (apl).


In a promotion ceremony Mach 10th, 2021 Dr. Fleischer was granted with the appointment certificate  as Professor in Process Automation by the Dean of the College of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Professor Mathias Nowottnick and the Director of the Institute of Automation, Professor Kerstin Thurow.


Dr. Heidi Fleischer studied Information Technologies / Computer Engineering till 2008 at the University Rostock. After her studies she worked till 2011 on her PhD in the field of Life Science Engineering and completed her Habilitation with a venia legendi in Measurement and Automation in 2016. She  is an highly active and very successful researcher and published 2 books as well as numerous publications in her field of expertise.